Marshea Chanel

I’m 140 pounds of spice, 22 years of LIFE and 100% boss! I'm a lover of all things fashion, beauty and pop culture. I've worked with companies that have represented some of the best beauty and fashion brands we know today: L'Oréal, Vera Wang, Aveeno and many more.

I've worked under internationally recognized style influencers and media personality's. I've also managed my very own client, Miss VA USA 2016, as she competed in the Miss USA 2016 pageant. What can I say? When I'm determined, there's not much I can't accomplish. But, I'm just touching the surface. I have many years ahead of me to become the true game changer I desire.

What is it exactly that I want to be? Self-made honey! A Jane of all Trades! I want to get my hands in everything and in this day and age, why can't I? Marshea Chanel the CEO, fashion buyer, author AND speaker is on her way and she's here to stay.

This platform wasn't created for me, but for all of the young girls and women out there searching for their purpose and looking for support and encouragement. Believe in yourself, never give up and don't wait until tomorrow. I'm here to serve as your guide, friend and motivator. Follow my journey and inspire with me!

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