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It all started when...

I was interning with The Tai Life the summer of 2016 and we would have weekly pitch meetings, where you share your ideas for the brand's social and editorial columns. Almost all my ideas didn't fit within the brand [that's just the nature of the business]. So I'd keep them in my notes and MarsheaChanel.com became the prodigy of those bottled up ideas.  I let it sink in, shared it with some people and before I knew it 8 months of procrastination had passed by. I woke up one morning with this burning sensation telling me to pick my idea up off the ground. The next day I went back to my notes, developed my thoughts and shared it with the right people and here I am today, a year into an amazing journey. The key to our success is closer to us than we believe. The answers reside in our heart and mind. We truly are the masters of our destiny.



Who Is Marshea CHanel?

mahr·shay  | shuh·nel (noun)

1. a stylish, social, flat-out honest shero who saves lives by giving the advice that everyone wants to hear, but is too afraid to ask. Even when you don't want to hear it deep down inside you know you need to. She says what everyone is thinking.

2. A fabulous, fashion-forward, insanely amazing woman who chooses to be a light and influence for others.

As for what Marshea Chanel wants to change...

Essentially lives...negative thinking, insecurities, doubt, low self-esteem. Anything that’s not healthy for the mind, heart and soul
— Marshea Chanel

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