1. YouTube Channel


Whenever you're going after what you want in life the last thing you need to worry about is other's opinions and reactions. Lock in & boss up. The more time you focus on what you're up against the more discouraged you'll get. People told Mary J. she couldn't sing for years, but she was determined and now she's a household name with some of the most soulful records we know today. Stop selling yourself short and start that channel! As long as it's genuine and authentic it'll attract the right audience. 

2. Foot In The Door/Old Feelings


Well, I must say at least he was honest. You would've felt some type of way if he lied to you about his current circumstance with this other girl. And, bravo for breaking it off with him! If you went abroad in a mutual understanding with this guy then you should have never come home to him and another girl in the first place. That's a reflection of his character. While you're out bettering yourself he should be supporting you, not wandering off. 

I know you say you forgave him, but you're still not over the pain which is understandable. But, you can't move forward with anyone while that pain and anger still exists. You have to give yourself time to heal. Doing what you're doing now like checking social media and always having the "what if" thought in the back of your mind is not healthy. 

As his girlfriend there's certain things you shouldn't worry about and him messing with someone else while you're not around is one of them. If you can't trust him...cut it off. You deserve to be with someone you don't have to worry about. 

Also, build your self-esteem and confidence. You are gorgeous and have a lot to offer. Don't worry about her glo-up or the fact that she's in an org. You are you and you are amazing. You have to believe that about yourself. 

3. Shooting My Shot


Sis, I am bold lol. If I like you and want you to know that I'm going to let you know. Don't be nervous. Two things can happen: you can get accepted or rejected, but that's apart of life. It'll be okay. Texting him something as simple as, "hey, wassup?" is good enough. Shoot your shot, girl. If you don't want to text him, you can hit him up on Instagram. Send him something funny that you scrolled across; show him that you have a sense of humor. Don't overthink it. Make it fun and do it while your friends are around so you get that extra boost of support and confidence.